Chronic Kidney Disease is considered a ‘disease multiplier’. It is linked to heart failure, meaning that worsening of one condition induces the worsening of the other. As many as 2 out of 3 cases of Chronic Kidney Disease are caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Chronic Kidney Disease patients also face an increased risk of developing other complications like anaemia or hyperkalaemia, which are both serious conditions.


To keep your kidneys safe, take care of your body. Eat healthy, drink enough water and exercise regularly. Some people with kidney problems may be advised on certain restrictions in their diet to prevent further damage to the kidneys ... Read more


Research shows that if the heart is no longer pumping efficiently, it can lead to blood congestion in the heart which affects congestion in the kidneys and can lead to kidney disease ... Read more


Up to 2 of 3 Chronic Kidney Disease cases are caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. To maintain good kidney health, it is important to control blood glucose levels ... Read more


If kidney function begins to decline, people face an increased risk of developing other complications. Your kidney health is only a piece of the complete picture when it comes to your wellbeing ... Read more

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