What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure is… a condition that happens when the heart can’t adequately pump blood around the body. Over time the heart can become weaker. People with heart failure may have less energy or difficulty doing daily activities. Some people may experience these and other symptoms, but don’t realise that they might signal heart failure.

It can be difficult to understand how the disease works and what treatment options are available. The unpredictability of symptoms and uncertainty about the future can be distressing. But learning more about heart failure prevention and treatment options can make a difference for people at risk of developing it, as well of those who have been already diagnosed. Heart failure is a serious condition

The heart muscle has trouble pumping oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Heart failure is not… a heart attack (though that can be a cause of heart failure). Nor does it mean your heart has stopped beating. And while it’s a serious condition, it doesn’t mean that your life is over. More than 64 million people around the world are living with heart failure. Yet, much misunderstanding and misinformation about heart failure still exists. Heart failure cannot be ignored

11 September 2020

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