What is Heart Failure?

Understanding Heart Failure

So, what is heart failure? It’s a fairly unspecific term. But, basically, it means that a heart is just not working quite as well as it should1. It doesn’t mean that the individual has a heart attack, or that their heart has stopped working, more that it can’t pump blood around the body as effectively as is needed1.

Heart failure is not limited to the elderly

While heart failure is predominantly found in older people, it can also affect middle aged and younger people, too1. As heart failure can be the result of numerous other conditions and the impact they have on the heart, it doesn’t just affect those over 65.

That is why it is important to be aware of the symptoms and risk factors that can lead to heart failure.

Worryingly, in a recent global survey, 55% of respondents did not recognise a description of what heart failure is2.



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11 February 2021

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