Covid-19 and heart failure


Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become clear that certain people are at higher risk from the devastating impacts of COVID-19. This includes people with cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and diabetes1 — groups of people with serious, often life-threatening conditions that without proper management can have detrimental consequences.

The pandemic may leave these people unsure of how to manage their disease — who to see, when and whether to visit the doctor or worse — whether to go to the emergency department2,3. The overwhelming influx of information is leaving those most vulnerable to COVID-19 confused and insecure, potentially further escalating their risk.

Please see below for further guidance and information we have gathered from trusted heart failure charities Pumping Marvellous and the British Heart Foundation:

Pumping Marvellous - patient symptom management checker

BHF – Coronavirus and your health portal

As scientists and doctors learn more about these risks and how to best manage them, more guidance will come. In the meantime, keep in regular contact with your doctor, particularly if you notice any changes in your symptoms.

Living with heart failure during the COVID-19 pandemic may be daunting but you don’t have to go through it alone.



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11 February 2021

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